Focus on your weaknesses and make them stronger.


“A man is just a man & a woman can only be a woman”

The Meaning of Blackness


When one accepts lies as truths, this affects his or her notion of reality, which inevitably causes incorrect conclusions to form in the mind. These conclusions, consciously and unconsciously, affect and filter our beliefs about the nature and order of things in creation. Such untruths necessarily shape a people’s belief about the alternatives that they should consider when dealing with their contemporary problems. Lies also limit the actions a people might choose to take in response to their oppression. Also, lies have a definite influence on the type of world an oppressed people will choose to support, as well as the resulting relationships they will have with family, friends, neighbors, and with their enemy. In short, the beliefs a person or a people hold as truths directly affect all of their social interactions. Though truth is ‘a common thing,’ the lies another people have replaced with truth now seem just…

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How important are relationships?

Relationships are the basis of human life. . The divine connection that is shared between two is so sacred. However, the value put on relationships this day in age, is little to none. Some may define relationships between neighbor to neighbor, co-worker to co-worker, or even mother to daughter. However, I think relationships are more than this. I believe that you have a relationship with everyone you encounter. Relationships are important because it is the people that you live amongst that look for your helping hand. 


To become completely selfless is one of the most tedious and laboring things to change about yourself. As human beings in my opinion, we are born selfish. However I believe we have an obligation to protect the rights of others and to live life less selfishly. Personally, I feel that our society is losing that deep connection between one human being to the next. I think that in order to strengthen your morality you must actively practice the idea and teachings of solidarity.  I have been in situations where I have witnessed bullying and I have stopped it with just the power of my voice. I have taken the time out to hear strangers’ deepest concerns, which in turn prevented them from causing harm to other people. We all need to understand that relationships are built and maintained by caring for your fellow man and believe that everyone on this earth is connected. Only then will we start being kinder to one another and change the world for the better and to build a just society!